Our Roots

Achieve Recovery Homes was founded by me, Ben Reiswig. I am a recovering addict living in long-term recovery. My addiction started after a life-threatening accident when I was in my late teens. I found myself going down a dark path, abusing all forms of substances daily with no regard for my life or the lives of others. After becoming an intravenous user, it seemed as though the only thing that could stop me from using substances was handcuffs or a hospital bed.

Only after I had lost everything that was important to me, including my relationships, health, and freedom, did I decide to turn a corner in my life and check into a treatment center on the west coast. While in treatment, I engulfed myself in a program and gained four months of sobriety for the first time in years. I was presented with the opportunity of a sober living home, so I took it.

During my stay, I began to learn about myself and grew more than I thought possible. The other guests in the home, the owner, and the house managers took the time to get to know who I was and helped me discover my needs, strengths, and weaknesses as an individual. They supported me through the ups and downs of my journey, and for the first time in years, I began to trust in myself and others.

I no longer felt alone! I was excited to dive into my recovery and was in an environment where others shared the same journey with the same outcome: long-term recovery! Life without substances wasn’t easy, but I gained full-time employment, lifelong friendships, my health, and a GED.

Given yet another opportunity, I decided to work in sober living homes after gaining a period of recovery for myself. I fell in love with bringing what I had experienced back home to North Dakota. After working in the field for over a year, I decided it was time to turn my dream into a reality, and that is what I did! With the amazing support of my family and friends, I have purchased two homes in the Fargo area and put together a well-experienced team who, through their own experiences, have dedicated themselves to giving back just as I have. Had people not done what they did for me, I would be dead.

Achieve Recovery Homes grew out of the need to help more people. These people needed to have a safe and supportive place to live while they work on sobriety and ACHIEVEING a life free of drugs or alcohol.

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